State labor and state labor laws are related to employer and employee disputes. Barouti Financial Services is experienced at representing clients before the state labor department to assist with any claims relating to overtime, vacation, sick pay, minimum wage violations or wrongful termination. As an employer, you are often faced with many labor-related challenges, and employees often misunderstand certain rights, typically at the expense of the employer.

We have a lot of experience representing clients in state and federal administrative proceedings. Disputes relating to labor issues are complicated matters, and you don’t have to deal with them all on your own. Contact us today and get the representation you need to protect the interests of your business and yourself. Without proper representation, you stand to lose to unscrupulous or resentful employees and the interests of your company could suffer.

Issues pertaining to state labor violations are complicated procedures that require expert assistance. You don’t have to face them alone – Barouti Financial Services are here to assist you.